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Installation and Upgrade Information

Payroll Changes and New Features

Sage 300 U.S. Payroll Release Notes

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This file contains important information about Sage 300 U.S. Payroll (internal version 7.2A), including information about product changes that are not in the documentation.

For additional information about Sage 300 Payroll, open a payroll-specific window (such as Common Deduction Limits from the Payroll Setup folder), press F1 to open the online Help system, and then click U.S. Payroll on the Contents pane.

General Information

Tax Update

This version of Sage 300 Payroll includes the following tax update:

Tax Forms

Because all printed forms have variations, Sage 300 Payroll only supports forms printed by Sage Checks and Forms. To place your order with a Sage Checks and Forms specialist:

Support and Documentation

Sage strives to provide you with the very best support in the industry. If you have a question, we provide the following methods for you to get your answer as soon as possible:

Software Requirements

To use Sage 300 Payroll, you require the following programs:

Installation and Upgrade Information

Before you install and activate Sage 300 Payroll, read the following important information:

Payroll Changes and New Features

The following sections describe new features and enhancements included in this version of Sage 300 Payroll.

Affordable Care Act Integration: My Workforce Analyzer

Now you have the power to track and analyze your company information so you can make the informed decisions necessary about healthcare and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements. With My Workforce Analyzer, you can analyze your employee hours to determine if you qualify as a large employer. You can determine coverage affordability, explore the pay-or-play decision (offer coverage or take the penalty), and examine employee hours in order to monitor and manage part-time and full-time eligibility. All of this is at the touch of your fingers and delivered through your secure Sage 300 program.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) there are many decisions you must make for the success of your business, including managing employee work schedules and healthcare expenses. Use My Workforce Analyzer to create the required ACA forms and to review a regulations-based analysis of your workforce data so you can determine the best course of action for your company.

For information about installing My Workforce Analyzer, or to download it, see Knowledgebase article 68705.

ACA forms

My Workforce Analyzer connects to your Sage HR or payroll program to collect and import your workforce information, then completes the following Federal ACA forms:


Use the workforce monitoring dashboards to track important details for the ACA. After launching your online dashboards and analysis, on this tab you can monitor:

Pay or play

Use the Pay or play calculator to decide whether to pay penalties or offer your full-time employees affordable healthcare coverage. After launching your online dashboards and analysis, you can:

Employee information

Reviewing your employees' healthcare benefit coverage, affordability analysis, subsidies, and variable hour employee status is easy with these reports and summaries available from your online dashboards and analysis:

Visit for more information.

General Ledger Segments Extended Support

The earning, deduction, and tax General Ledger segments now post with six segments identified if you use Cost Center Overrides and set up the new segments in Payroll G/L Integration (Payroll Setup > G/L Integration > Segments tab). This means payroll uses the segments from the employee-level setup or the timecard use the Regular Expense account. In order for the segments to post to your G/L, you must first make sure the checkbox Cost Center Override Allocated on Calc Base is selected on the Earning/Deduction or Tax code setup.

Using the three new segments is optional. However, once you set up the segments in Payroll G/L Integration and use them in payroll, the defined segments cannot be modified.

Allow Overrides of These Cost Center Segments

This section in Payroll Setup > G/L Integration > Segments continues to function the same. Segment edits for these segments in a timecard continue to override employee-level G/L assignment (Employee Payroll > Pay tab).

Select Up to Three Additional Segments for Account Allocation

This new section in Payroll Setup > G/L Integration > Segments is designed so you can define which segments should be used for your payroll account allocation, and use them at an account distribution level. You cannot override these accounts where Cost Center Overrides are typically available in payroll.

General Ledger Segments for Workers’ Compensation

With this release, payroll processing accurately impacts G/L segments specific to Workers’ Compensation with overtime and shift expenses set up when Segments (for Cost Center Override) are used in timecards. Other expenses are impacted by the Regular Expense account if the two selections are used (Subject to Workers’ Compensation and Cost Center Override Allocated Based on Calc) in the Earning/Deduction Code setup (Payroll Setup > Earnings And Deductions).

The additional segments (those added in Payroll G/L Integration with this release) for Workers’ Compensation default to the settings in WC Codes setup (Payroll Setup > Workers’ Compensation Codes). These segments cannot be overridden in the timecard.