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Sage 300 2018 release notes

Thank you for choosing a Sage accounting product.

These release notes contain important information about Sage 300, including information about product changes that are not in the documentation.

Depending on your purchase agreement, some features described here may not be available in your product.

What's new

This section contains a summary of new features and changes in Sage 300.

General improvements

The following new features and enhancements are available in both Sage 300c web screens and Sage 300 classic screens:

Sage 300c web screens

This release includes the option to install Sage 300c web screens: modernized versions of Sage 300 screens that you can use in a web browser.

Web screens run in parallel with the classic Sage 300 desktop screens, so there's no need to choose between desktop or web. Everyone in your organization can use the interface that best suits their needs, while working seamlessly with a single shared set of company data.

Here's a quick overview of what's new in Sage 300c 2018 web screens:

To learn more about new web screens and features available in this release, see the following documentation and resources:

Important! When using Sage 300c web screens over an external network or the internet, data must be protected with security measures such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or a Virtual Private Network (VPN). To determine appropriate security measures, consult with your information technology (IT) professional or Sage Business Partner.

If you use Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud, we recommend that you configure Sage 300c web screens to run in a secured environment using digital certificates. If you do not, warnings will appear in your browser each time you start Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud. For more information, see Knowledgebase article 84797.

Web screens are available in English, French, Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). Help and documentation for web screens is available in English and French.

Note: Users may need to adjust their web browser settings to ensure that web screens appear in the correct language. The preferred language for viewing web pages (specified in web browser settings) must match the language specified for the user in their Sage 300 user record.

Sage 300 classic screens

This release includes the following new features and improvements in Sage 300 classic screens:

Technical information

This section provides information about product contents and requirements, recommendations, and other technical information.

General information

Compatibility with other programs

For a complete list of compatible programs, database platforms, and operating systems, see the Sage 300 2018 Compatibility Guide, available from Sage Knowledgebase article 26777.

Known issues

Installing Sage 300

For detailed instructions on installing Sage 300, see the Sage 300 Installation and Administration Guide.

Note: Version 2018 installs components that support the deployment of the Sage 300 Portal. The installation program installs Java Runtime Environment and Sage 300 Tomcat silently. (Tomcat is installed as a private instance in your Program Files folder under \Common Files\Sage\Sage 300 ERP\Tomcat.)


Removing Sage 300

Before removing Sage 300, you must:

To remove Sage 300 2018 programs:

  1. In Windows' Control Panel, click Programs And Features.
  2. Open Uninstall Or Change A Program, and then:

Canadian Payroll

Sage 300 2018 includes Canadian Payroll 2018; and the July 1, 2017 payroll tax update.

For more information, see the Sage 300 Canadian Payroll Release Notes.

US Payroll

Sage 300 2018 includes US Payroll 2018; and the Q2 2017 payroll tax update.

For more information, see the Sage 300 US Payroll Release Notes.

Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting

Sage 300 2018 includes Sage 300 2018 Intelligence Reporting. For more information, see the Sage Intelligence Community.

Known issues